When I’m not so sleepy, I need to talk to people about things and stuff.

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leave a ✫ in my inbox + a character/pairing and i’ll generate a random number and write you a drabble 


1. New Neighbors!AU
2. Runaway Royalty!AU
3. High School!AU
4. Superhero!AU
5. Childhood!AU
6. Rule 63!AU
7. Magic!AU
8. Vampire!AU
9. Werewolf!AU
10. Zombie!AU
11. Barista!AU
12. Hooker!AU
13. Royalty!AU
14. Prison!AU
15. College!AU
16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU
17. Pretend Couple!AU
18. Camp Counselors!AU
19. Met In Detention!AU
20. Pen Pals!AU
21. Ghosts In Love!AU
22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU
23. Brand New Step-Sibling!AU
24. Mundane/Domestic!AU

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I’m going to totally post again in the Chaos thread (because lbr chaotic scene) when I don’t have an alarm waking me up in 6 hours.

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I genuinely love the “who’s that standing in the crowd?  oh, wait, wings, that’s Raphael”.

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inarasserra replied to your post: Real talk: Raf is in over his head and…

for what it’s worth, Bobby is intimidated and thinks Raf is more powerful than he is. He’s also realizing HE DOES NOT WANT MORE BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

tbh Raf is just trying to intimidate Bobby enough that he’ll just surrender, but he’s starting to realize that’s not going to happen so he’ll have to take action.

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Real talk: Raf is in over his head and he’s starting to realize it.  He’s going to pretty much have to rely on his light powers here because he probably can’t get close enough to Bobby to actually engage in combat.

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Just wrote ‘glew’ instead of ‘glowed’.

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Coding is terrible

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